Special Features: Earthquake resitance, Effective shading, Vernacular design

Built up area: 1050 sq. ft.
Open living room and kitchen
Total no. of bedrooms: 3
Total no. of toilet/bathroom: 2

No. of bricks required: 42923
Estimated cost: Rs. 70,00,000
Type: Residential (RCC) building, Vernacular design
Scalable to: Land size greater than or equal to 1369 sq. ft. or 4 aana

Design price: Rs. 1,00,000

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I am mesmerized from the product you are selling. I am a student here in Finland currently doing my bachelors in Sustainable building engineering. I have different internship courses as part of study. I would love to be part of your company and help you as well.

Saroj Adhikarey

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Global Housing and Residence Construction (GHAR construction) has been established with the aim of providing a better housing option for all. We feel that everyone despite their economic constraint deserves to live in the house they have always dreamed of. You dream a house, come discuss with us and we will bring your dream house to reality by scaling your extravagant luxury house to the house that fits your budget module.

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